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If you have lost any itmes while at Palm Springs, please contact and inform us ASAP. After you have informed our staff regarding your lost property, we will keep your lost items on hold. Lost items must be collected within 1 month from date of notice. We do not post lost items to you and must be collected on site.

For all lost property, we have different time frames of how long we keep lost items if not informed prior.

Please see below for item categories.

Disposed Every Night:

Bathroom Amenities inclduing: shampoo, body wash, lotion, soap & soap case​.


Kept for Two Weeks before disposal:

Swimwear, Clothing, Shoes, Towels, Tumbler, Goggles, Pool toys

Kept for 1 Month before disposal/handed over to police:

Cell Phone, Jewellery, Wallets, other high-priced items exceeding $200.

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